Volume Controller - Control your Volume

For iOS 13 and above

What you can do with this tweak:
- Look of Volume HUD - - Disable or select between vertical and horizontal Volume HUD in landscape and portrait positions of device.
- - Change size and position of the Volume HUD in both portrait and landscape mode.
- - Choose between the iOS default look and a slim and bold version of it and move the HUD freely on the screen.
- Volume steps - - Default iOS behavior is 16 steps, which means that every time you press one of the volume buttons the volume changes about 6.25%.
- - Volume Controller allows you to change the number of steps it takes to change the volume from 0% to 100%, e.g. a value of 50 means you have to press the volume up button 50 times to go from 0% to maximum volume.

Configure options from Settings.

This tweak is open sourced on Github

Shoutout goes to u/bndrnt from reddit for helping with polishing the tweak settings and the German translation.
Spanish translation provided by Retosteante from twitter.

If you wish to add localization in your language please use this file - if you have any issues feel free to contact me directly.


enabled custom steps on iOS14,
fixed issue with forked preferenceloader ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Updated June 7, 2021
License Free Package
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