Requires iOS 5 or higher

VSNotifications is a brand new, FREE tweak which allows you to SPEAK out Notification Center banner titles, messages and even include a custom speech after the banner. It also allows you to speak a custom text when you open apps, or kill apps from the app switcher. VSNotifications is a 100x improved version of TitleSpeak (Which was made by me) And also includes a voice tutorial, options for enabling and disabling all features, speaking out battery percent etc. It also features a VSActivator service which allows you to speak whatever you want, via a text field in an alert which can be activated almost anywhere (Except lock screen). Its absolutely FREE and was made by the amazing SuperDev (I cahnged my name from iHackerMe to SuperDev :P). Please install and ENJOY. Also, watch out for 400-in-1 tweak CustomSB, coming soon-ish. (:

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#1 Bug fixed which caused crashing after using VSActivator
#3 Fixed more internal nerdy bugs (A memory leak to be precise)
#3 Added toggle to disable that irritating "Ti-ti-ting" sound!
#4 Fixed the email button memory leak
#5 Bug fixed which caused unexpected crash in the lockscreen
Updated October 16, 2012
License Free Package
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