Compatible with iOS 8.x

Watchdog Lite is a trial version of Watchdog. It allows applications run in the background.

This can be used for:
1. Downloading large files
2. Twitch TV background audio streaming
3. Uploading large files
4. Preventing applications from suspending such as SmartWatch+ or WhatsApp
5. Keeping games loaded while using other applications
And much more...

Watchdog lite is limited to backgrounding a maximum of two applications at the same time.

The full version of Watchdog is currently in beta.
Features included in the full version are:
1. Auto Launch
2. Activator Support
3. Allowing applications to continue running in the background after termination
4. Allowing backgrounding of more than two applications at the same time,
And much more...

Watchdog will be available on the BigBoss repository in the near future.

Configure options from Settings.

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Updated July 22, 2015
License Free Package
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