Compatible with iOS 10

WidgeficationX gives a small but very effective number of beautiful options to customize your widgets/notifications. From making them flat styled, to seemless sleek and up to full transparent there will definitely be an option that you'll love.

Configure options from Settings.

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v2.0.0 (22/03/17)

- Fixed major bug causing notification options to interfere with widgets, now fully seperated, YAY FINALLY!
- Fixed Flat mask bug for both notifications and widgets, they are now seperated, YAY!
- Added always show more for widgets option
- Added hide show more button for widgets
- Fixed Flat mask bug that would make CC flat too

v1.0.2 (20/03/17)

- Added/fixed flat mask for widgets only (Notifications still in the works so left a universal option for people who don't mind both being affected for now)

Added few miscellaneous options
- Hide widget icon
- Hide widget title
- Completely hide widget header

(Still working on fixing the [3] plague, will hopefully be dealt with soon.)

v1.0.1 (19/03/17)

(Disregard description box saying Notifications and Widgets are linked because they have now be unlinked!)

You can now customize either one individually to your liking without masking everything together!

(Note: Please read note inside Settings before using)
Updated March 22, 2017
License Free Package
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