Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10

Wifi Passwords List lets you view your saved wifi passwords that you entered in order to join a password protected wifi access point. This is a great way to remember passwords you forgot or never knew. You can easily copy the network name (SSID) or password by pressing and holding on a row. There's a search bar at the top so you can quickly find a network based on either its name or its password. You can tap on a network to see more details, like the time that you last joined the network, or technical info available that Apple stores about each network you've connected to. You can also view info about known networks that don't have passwords stored, but that you've connected to in the past (to see those, press the circle i button and flip the switch).

Sometimes someone offers to type in their wifi password for you, with this app, you can see what that password is ;)

Also, for fun, it shows you how many known networks your device has, and what the oldest network you've connected to is (that is, the oldest one stored by iOS).

Tested with iOS 7+, confirmed to work through iOS 9. iPhone and iPad.

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Compatible with iOS 10
Updated February 14, 2017
License Free Package
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