On vacation and need to find a local WiFi hotspot? Visiting a friend and want to check your email? It's no problem with WiFi-Where. Just put the app in scan mode and let it find all nearby hotspots. WiFi-Where uses both the location capabilities (GPS and cellular triangulation) of the iPhone platform as well as the built in 802.11 radio to let you find any and all hotspots wherever you go. WiFi-Where also has built in support for uploading scan results to the popular Wigle.net online database.

    FEATURES in 1.0
  • Easy to use interface
  • Continuous scanning mode
  • GPS Logging (when device supports it)
  • Save hotspots for later
  • Email scan results
  • Email attachments (OS 3.0 Only) in Net Stumbler .ns1, CSV, or Google Earth KML formats.
  • Option to ignore secure networks
  • Option to ignore hidden networks
  • Option to sort by signal strength
  • Option to automatically save new networks
  • Option to beep & vibrate on discovery of new network (when device supports it).
  • Option to filter hotspots by signal strength and location accuracy
  • Displays detailed information about each network, including name/SSID, signal strength, raw RSSI value, security & authentication modes (WEP/WPA/WPA2), location, MAC address
  • Connect to hotspots
  • Save passwords for secure networks
  • Upload hotspots to popular wardriving website wigle.net.

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Updated to work on iOS5
Updated January 15, 2012
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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