This is a replacement for Rubik tweak (ONLY iOS11), because it seems to not being updated. If Rubik´s developer updates it, I recomend to use Rubik instead of XB-AutoNetwork.

ATENTION!! ONLY 3G-4G WORKING BY NOW... 2g-3g and 2g-4g are under construction.

Save baterry by auto enable/disable wifi and cellular data. There are 3 different plans, 2g - 3g, 3g - 4g and 2g - 4g. To switch between connections there is a new Control Center toggle (thanks to CCSupport tweak).
There is an option to disable Wifi and enable Cellular data when it´s disconnected from any network. When Wifi connects to any network, Cellular data will be disabled.

The CC toggle comes with two different longpress gesture actions: Open LTE/4G settings page or the Network plans list.

Also there is an option to disable/enable Wifi when device becomes locked/unlocked (Credits to CydiaGeek).

More features to come on next update...

Donations will be appreciated.

Video Demonstration:


- Recoded Intelligent Wifi from scratch
- Fixed device freezed by Intelligent Wifi
- Changed Intelligent Wifi Slider by predefined list
- Fixed minor bugs
Updated May 28, 2018
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