This is a replacement for Rubik tweak (ONLY iOS11), because it seems to not being updated. If Rubik´s developer updates it, I recomend to use Rubik instead of XB-AutoNetwork.

ATENTION!! ONLY 3G-4G CC TOGGLE WORKING BY NOW... 2g-3g and 2g-4g are under construction.

- Disconnects data cellular when Wifi is connected to a network. Disconnect Wifi after a custom time when is disconnected from a network.
- Delete any Known Network you want (by example airports, hotels, etc.).
- Auto enable Wifi with custom time. If it´s not connected Wifi will be disabled.
- Enable/disable Wifi when device becomes locked/unlocked. Wifi module is partially disabled when device is locked, but it drains battery anyway. (Credits to CydiaGeek)
- Activate 3G-4G Control Center toggle (Provided by XB-CCModules tweak). It is supposed to switch between 2G-3G-4G connections, but only 3G-4G is working by now...

Donations will be appreciated.

Video Demonstration:


- Added arm64e compatibility.
Updated May 19, 2019
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