Compatible with iOS 11

Bored about the expandable Control Center Connectivity module? This is for you!

XB-CCModules adds 9 new toggles that can be added (via Settings-ControlCenter-Edit) to Control Center. Then you can remove (Airdrop and Hotspot are not implemented yet) connectivity module and use them like iOS10 way.

Wifi, Cellular Data, Location, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Reduce White Point, Take Screenshot, Auto Answer calls and Respring toggles (by now...).
Also each toggle comes with double action (by long pressing) to open related settings page.

For 3g-4g toggle you can check XB-AutoNetwork, which also comes with some interesting options to save battery.

It uses CCSupport tweak as dependency.
There is something weird when installing CCSupport or Silo. Until you edit the toggles, apple stock ones seems to be gone. But only first time, once you edit them and respring everything works perfectly.

More toggles on future updates!

Donations will be appreciated.

Configure options from Settings.


XB-CCModules 1.7

- Added master switch to enable or disable XB-CCModules
- Added Spanish localizations
- Fixed BlueTooth toggle color
- Fixed some bugs in Preferences

- Minor bugs.
Updated October 5, 2018
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