Compatible with iOS 11 and 12

XB-Hide lets you hide any icon from SpringBoard. It doesn´t use libHide dependency, and icons will be hidded without respring (by now, in order to show them up again, a respring is needed).

When it´s enabled, you just need to enter edit mode (reorder or uninstall apps) and tap those icons you want to hide.

To unhide them just go to XB-Hide settings.

You can remove them from Settings User apps section too.

Donations will be appreciated.

Video Demonstration:

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- Removed SpotLight options (Safe mode on some devices, not working on others, and I can test it only in my iPhone6).
- Removed Hidded list in Editing Mode.

- Fixed some animation bugs.
- Fixed bug where sometimes does not hide the icon, only shows Hidded list.

- Added option to remove selected User apps from Settings
- Added Arabic localizations.
- Added Italian localizations.
Updated March 10, 2019
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