Compatible with iOS 12

Replace Spotlight left swipe gesture and Search pull down gesture actions!

Lock device, show AppSwitcher, show Control Center, show Powerdown options, remove gesture or original action.

Configure options from Settings.

Donations will be appreciated.

Video Demonstration:

- Fixed Spotlight not showing when Swipe Left action is original action.
- Added compatibility with Cylinder.
- Added LockScreen swipe left action.
- Now there is no need for Respring by changing any setting.
- Added Notification Center swipe left actions.
- Now you can customize In HomeScreen, In LockScreen and in Notification Center actions independently.
- Fixed minor bugs.

- Fixed minor bugs.
- Added Custom PullDown Search gesture

NEEDS RESPRING when changing from Disable gesture action to another action!

(Now both gestures can be configured independently without any restrictions)

Known bugs
- If Cylinder tweak is installed, and you lock-unlock device too fast and too many times can put device in SafeMode (But, why to do that, isn´t???).

Updated March 27, 2019
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