Requires iPad

The best-selling YourTube comes to the iPad! Download videos with ease, in any place, at any time.

How To Use:
Open the YouTube app, find and tap on a video that you want to download. Tap the playing video and use the Download button that has been added to the overlay menu. (This menu will not be shown while playing the video in fullscreen mode. Refer to the screenshots below for more help)

v 1.3-1 - "Add to iPod library" is currently not saving album artwork. This will be fixed in a future gremlin update

See More Info below for screenshots.

More Information

    v 1.3.1
  • Fixed bug which crashed YouTube on 4.2.1
    v 1.3-1
  • 4.2.1 Support
  • AirPlay
  • Several bug fixes
  • Increased performance
Updated July 8, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 5.00
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