Recover your FastWeb wireless router internet password in one step!

If you have lost your password for your router, or you're tired to enter the password each time you have to connect to the internet by typing in a myriad of characters, this is your application!

Just enter the 12 numbers of your network name and tap in generate key button, your default internet key will appear, and it will be copied into the pasteboard.

These are some supported and tested networks:
- Fastweb-1-0011223344AA

NOTE: 0011223344AA is an example. 0011223344AA are hexadecimal numbers, those are the numbers you have to enter in the textfield to generate your default key. Once the generated password is in the pasteboard, it can be pasted into the password text field when joining the network from iPhone/iPod Touch WiFi Settings

/** FIND MORE APPS ********/
You can find more apps at More Password recovery apps coming soon. Stay tunned!

/** NOTES ****************/
If you have any trouble using dlssid, please, use the support email address above.

If dlssid does not work for your Dlink router, it is because your network is already secured. Don't be disappointed, a secure network is always better than a no secure one.

The pasteboard is your iPhone/iPod Touch "clipboard". When asked for your password, tap inside password field, pasteboard will popup, then just tap "Paste".

This application will only work with the default router configuration. This covers most devices but not all. This application was tested with Dlink routers with best results in many different countries.

/** LEGAL **************/ This application could potentially be used maliciously to obtain unauthorised access to a WiFi network. If your network password can be discovered with this application, it is highly recommended that you change the settings of your router, preventing unauthorized access to your network. This application has been conceived for use in routers owned by the user of this application. The misuse of this application may conflict with a country's own laws, for this reason, the developer is not responsible for the misuse of this application. The responsibility for the misuse of this apllicacion is the user.

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