Please record/backup your configurations, your configurations will be lost in this update

SBSettings toggle package has to be installed from Cydia

Use your phone's 3G/GPRS network by connecting to the Bluetooth Dial-up Networking service.

Note: iPod Touch 1G is not supported.

You have to turn WiFi on to activate this application at the first run.

PLEASE make sure you are able to get the demo version working before buying this full version.

If you have paired your iPod Touch with other bluetooth applications, please remove the pairing from your phone first.

DO NOT edit built-in chat scripts. They will be overwritten when upgrading.

For v 2.0.33
1. You may have to remove the pairing record on your phone after upgrading
2. If your phone vendor can not be found in the vendor list, try generic instead
3. The sbsettings toggle should be installed separately

For help information, please goto iBluever

See More Info below for screenshots.