Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7

Disable the home button with activator.

IncarcerApp lets you "lock in" while you are in an app. I like to set up a video for Hannah to watch, and she likes to hit the Home button to escape the Video app and play around with the iDevice. So when you launch the Video app, you can (default) Up Volume, Down Volume sequence to "lock" the app "in jail", and then the Home button is deactivated.

Complete rewrite of primary Springboard Hook code, now not using Backgrounder-based code. New features include:
- Home Button Blocking
- Status Bar Icon
- Alert Blocking
- Sleep Button Blocking
- Touches Blocking
- Multilingual (English, French, German, Japanese to start)

So if you really want to start a movie, hand the iPad to the kids, and make sure they watch THAT MOVIE, IncarcerApp will lock the Video app to accomplish. Likewise, doing a FaceTime call to Grandma, and handing the iPhone to the kids to say "Hi" won't result in a hang up, if you do Block Touches in the preferences for Phone.

See More Info below for screenshots