Synergy+ lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, without special hardware.

iSynergyClient provides an independent client of the Synergy protocol for the iOS. In this implementation, middle and right mouse buttons can be assigned using Activator.

* Install a Synergy server, e.g., QuickSynergy for Mac or Synergy+ for Windows.
* Configure server to have one additional screen (client) called "iPhone".(or the hostname)
* Start iSynergyClient.
* Enter IP-Address of your Mac/PC in "Server Address"
* Enter "iPhone"(or the hostname) as "Client Name"
* Tap the ON switch and move mouse over from Mac/PC.
* Done. Your mouse is on your device!

See the video demo below

Synergy+ Project info: google-code

See More Info for a Screenshot