Tethering your iPhone to your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch via the built-in Bluetooth tethering feature in your iPhone. (Share your iPhone's 3G/EDGE connection to other iDevices)

To use this application, you need:
1. One of iPhone/MAC, works like a modem
2. One of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch(2g+), running this application

Please make sure tethering in your iPhone is enabled officially or by patching before purchasing this application.

- High performance
- No jailbreak required on iPhone side(if no patching)
- Much lower battery consumption than WiFi tethering
- Bluetooth 2.1 speed up to 3,000,000 bps
- Clean interface with zero configuration
- Rapid Bluetooth chip booting up
- Better security than WiFi WEP
- Free upgrades

Please install this app on the device you share the internet connection *with*. For iPhone+iPad user, you properly should install this app on your iPad.

For help information, please goto iBluever

Get the SBSettings toggle here

See More Info below for screenshots.