It's time to see your Springboard's true beauty!

Ever annoyed by the Dock and the Statusbar? Does it make your HomeScreen look cramped? Now you can get rid of that! With this cool tweak, you can set any LibActivator action to hide, or show the Dock and StatusBar in a fluid and intuitive way, right on your HomeScreen. The icons are automatically positioned to fit your screen.

- Use any LibActivator to activate/deactivate it.
- Hide/show your Dock and StatusBar with a smooth animation

New in 1.1.1
-Fixed the bug where you could accidently scroll up/down

To use this tweak you must first assign some gesture or action using `Activator`. Go into the Settings app and find the Activator section. Use the options to configure and choose which type of action will trigger SBSimplify

See More Info below for screenshots.