SMS Helper allows you to do the following:
- Count the number of characters you are sending per SMS message. The number is shown in the "Send" button as you are typing, along with how many parts the message will be split into. The convention is that for english msgs, the character limit is about 160 characters per part, and for non-english ones it's 70 characters per part.

- Count the number of SMS/MMS messages you have sent globally or per a monthly time period. This information is shown when clicking on the header of the SMS Program, from there you can also manually reset it.

Some notes:
- This program settings can be changed from the Settings app on your iPhone, under "SMS Helper".

- The counter might not be accurate, it keeps track only when the MS hook is installed and running. Also there might be unforseen problems in the counting, so use it as an estimate and not an accurate reporting.