BossPaper is a Wallpapers manager for your desktop that uses very little processor or memory. This is not a replacement for Winterboard. It is a separate enhancement to help fill the gap where I believe Winterboard leaves off.

You can already theme the wallpaper with Winterboard. So why the need for BossPaper? BossPaper provides a much more performance-friendly method to rotate background pictures of your choosing without Javascript. See the features:


Winterboard can show either a static image selected by the person makikng the theme, or rotate preselected images selected by the person making the theme. (Note: selected by the person making the theme). The rotation of images in Winterboard can only be done via Javascript inside an HTML page. This is very resource intensive both in CPU and memory. CPU means it drains your battery faster. BossPaper solves these problems with its features (listed above).

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