Wave allows you to keep your customized control for each AirPod by utilizing the power button to control the music. If you assigned the Left and Right AirPod to Play/Pause and Next Track, you can now double and triple press the power button to activate Siri and play the Previous Track. The double and triple actions are configurable for you to decide. Wave activates when your phone connects to your AirPods and deactivates when you put it back in your charging case.

Tested on iOS 10 - iOS 11

The double and triple actions can be configured to
- Activate Siri
- Play/Pause
- Play Next Track
- Play Previous Track

How do I activate an action?
Double or triple press the power button under 0.5 seconds. Make sure to respring your device if you change any actions and reconnect to Bluetooth.

Configure options from Settings.

Open sourced: on Github


Updated February 9, 2019
License Free Package
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