Supports iOS 7 and up.

AltList is a developer library intending to be a more lightweight and modern alternative to AppList.

The main use case of this library is to provide an easy way to present an application list from your preference bundle or application. Three use cases are supported:
* A list in which one application can be selected
* A list in which every application has a switch that can be toggled
* A list in which every application has a subpage that can have application specific preferences

Advantages over AppList:
* More lightweight / stock-like implementation
* More simple to use
* More simple to customize
* Does not rely on communication to SpringBoard / RocketBootstrap
* Native support for search bars, alphabetic indexing and more

Source code and documentation available on GitHub

Special thanks to @brendonjkding on GitHub for implementing iOS 7-8 support


- Fix an issue where AltList would crash lsd if something else loads it into it, causing a watchdog timeout
Updated March 29, 2024
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