Supports iOS 11.0 to 14.5

AnsweringMachine XS for iOS 11 to 14


Receive voicemails on device!

As seen in 9to5mac, iDownloadBlog, Redmond Pie

"Even if you aren't into jailbreaking, you have to admit that this is an impressive tweak"
@JeffBenjam, 9to5mac

"In what could be one of the world's coolest jailbreak tweaks for the Phone functionality of your iPhone, AnsweringMachine gives you the voicemail experience you never had in iOS."
@BouchardAnthony, iDownloadBlog

"A prime example of what makes jailbreak tweaks so awesome."
Redmond Pie

Don't call your provider any more for missed or declined calls!

AnsweringMachine handles your voicemail, bringing tons of first-seen features!

Voice Recognition, DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands, Speech Synthesizer, Call-Screening and Real-Time Interaction are just a few of the features you get!

This brand-new tweak uses all currently available technologies (and not only) to bring you the Ultimate AnsweringMachine on your phone:

- NEW! AnsweringMachine XS works for all CallKit-compatible apps, including Telephony calls, FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype etc.

- Voice Recognition of the recorded voicemails brings you text version of the recorded voicemail in real time! In all iOS available dictation languages!

- Native Notifications of newly recorded voicemails upon completion.

- Record your own greeting or use system's voice like Siri to dynamically greet your callers using their name from your contacts automatically, with spoken text that you specify! You can even skip recording any greetings!

- Assign dynamic greetings for everyone or per contact independently! Either recorded or with System's Voice!

- Call-Screening. Listen to what the remote party is saying while leaving voicemail without answering the call!

- Pick up the call if you wish while they are leaving you a voicemail and talk to them, or let them continue leaving you the voicemail without knowing you are around!

- Call UI is suppressed while they are leaving a voicemail so you can continue what you were doing. You can still pick up the call or decline it if you wish at any time!

- DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands allow you to call your phone remotely and listen to your messages, mark them as heard or delete your messages! With localisable menu voice in your own language!

- Advanced DTMF (Touch-Tone) Commands allow you to perform actions on your phone remotely! You can request it to send you its location to the number you're calling from, even if WiFi or Location Services are disabled! Life saver if you've lost it and it has no internet access!

- Remote access using DTMF is passcode protected!

- Redirect all calls to AnsweringMachine when "Do Not Disturb" is enabled. Optional.

- Telephony and FaceTime Audio calls are handled!

- All options customisable in Settings.

This tweak will show off what your iPhone can do when it comes to audio, speech and voicemail handling!

Already compatible with AudioRecorder 2 and CallBar X.



- DTMF (Touch-Tone) commands might not work over VolTE/LTE Voice/4G Voice and Data, since some providers are blocking their audio signals and use RTP messages. Switch off VolTE/LTE Voice or 4G Voice and Data in Cellular settings.
- This tweak will not record voicemails when the phone is turned off or offline, obviously!
- Supports all iOS 11/12/13-capable devices!

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- Fixed an issue where in-call UI could appear while the phone is locked and the remote party is leaving a message

- Added iOS 14 support.
- Fixed a security issue where the other party could hear the local audio if media server injection failed.
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Updated March 4, 2021
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