Requires iOS 7 & AirDrop capability.
Also available, AnyDrop 3 (iOS 8 & 7)

AirDrop File & Media Sharing for iOS devices with speed up to 20MB/s.

  • Zero configuration.
  • Native AirDrop capability without any extra pairing requirements.
  • High speed transmission, up to 20MB/s.
  • Send Photos/Videos/Music from native iOS library.
  • File browser, browse the file-system to send any file from your iOS device.
  • Send files from applications that support “ Open in “ feature.
  • Import received media to Photos / Videos library.
  • Import any received file and save it to your iOS device.

Bridge must be installed in order to import received music files sent by AnyDrop.

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- Added support for importing media using Bridge (if installed).
- Added support for sending whole folders using AirDrop.
- Speed Improvements.
- Other bug fixes.
Updated March 8, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.49
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