Compatible with iOS 9
Also available, AppBox 8 (iOS 8)

A powerful lock screen add-on for iOS 9. Quickly unlock and go to any app straight from the lock screen. Enable App Views to activate plugins when specified app icons are held. For example, tap and hold on the music icon to activate a playlists view. You can also tap and hold on the phone or facetime icons to activate a contacts view. AppBox also allows you to hide specific lock screen items.

- Quickly go to any app straight from the lock screen
- Tap and hold icons to activate plugins for specific apps
- Support For Round App Icons
- Hide Specific Lock Screen items
- Change Slide to Unlock text
- Temporary Auto-Unlock apps
- Temporary Auto-Unlock notifications
- A bunch of other features :)

Configure options from Settings.

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1.0.1 changelog
- FIXED notification auto-unlock crash
-> iOS 9 requires the unlock code to happen on the main thread, so in auto-unlocking notifications, you may notice a tiny delay. If I find a workaround for this delay, I'll update immediately :)

- Settings for "App Views" have a new location! Thank you Jeff from iDownloadBlog for the suggestion :)
-> Settings > AppBox > Apps > App Views
Updated November 23, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.50
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