App Library Controller - Control App Library

- iOS 14 and above

- Select UI Style of App Library (Default, Light, Dark)
- Select Mode (Enabled, Alphabetic List only, Disabled)
- Newly Downloaded Apps - Add to Home Screen/App Library Only
- Show/Hide Notification Badges (also in Alphabetic List)
- Alphabetic List Settings:
- - Rounded Search Field (Enabled/Disabled)
- - List Headers (Default/Enabled/Disabled)
- Categories Settings:
- - Labels of Categories (Show/Hide)
- - Background of Categories (Show/Hide)
- Folders Settings:
- - Titles inside Folders (Show/Hide)
- - Labels inside Folders (Show/Hide)
- Activator Listeners
- - Show App Library
- - Hide App Library

Configure options from Settings.

- ZethyyXD for testing this tweak on iPadOS

This tweak is open sourced on Github


- fixed visual glitch after closing App Library
- Added option to control where Newly Downloaded Apps should appear (home screen or app library only) from tweak settings
- Full iPad support
Updated June 7, 2021
License Free Package
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