App Library Controller - Control App Library

Compatibility - iOS 14 and above

What you can do with this tweak:
- Select UI Style of App Library (Default, Light, Dark)
- Select Mode (Default, Categories and Alphabetic List, Alphabetic List only, Disabled)
- Alphabetic List Settings:
- - Rounded Search Field (Enabled/Disabled)
- - List Headers (Default/Enabled/Disabled)
- Categories Settings:
- - Labels of Categories (Show/Hide)
- - Background of Categories (Show/Hide)
- - Titles inside Folders (Show/Hide)
- - Labels inside Folders (Show/Hide)

Configure options from Settings.

This tweak is open sourced on Github

for iPad Users:
if you wish to have partially working App Library on your device select "Alphabetic List" mode and install Activator Listeners for App Library then assign Events to show/hide Alphabetic List part of App Library


Added ability to select UI Style (Default, Light, Dark) of App Library
Updated December 30, 2020
License Free Package
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