Compatible with iOS 10 through 12 (A12 included),and only iPhone is supported.

Swipe the icon to launch the tools.

Functions list:
1.Copy BundleID;
2.Open app path in Filza;
3.Open data path in Filza;
4.Initialize app data;
5.Clear app cache;
6.Customize badge;
7.Clear badge;
8.Rename the app;
9.Allow/Disallow System Alert in app;
10.Allow/Forbid Uninstalling the app;
11.Allow/Forbid launching the app;
12.Replace the icon.

If you wanna test this tweak,please do not forget to add your UDID in the paypal note when you donate.The udid can be copied from Apptools settings.

Configure options from Settings.


New feature:Disallow notifications in App(DND mode).
When the function is enabled and the app is in front,notifications are prevented from showing, but sound is allowed which can remind you.
Updated September 28, 2019
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 3.49
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