Compatible with iOS 13.

Springboard UI customization
Create a simplistic and clutter-free home screen and lock screen experience on iOS 13.

Configurable options:
- Hide home bar indicator
- Home screen: transparent dock, page indicator, hide or rename icon labels, hide recently updated dots, undim screen timed out icon, hide the hourglass label
- Lock screen: remove Face ID lock icon, control center grabber, quick action buttons, 'no older notification' prompt, customize unlock hint, disable charging animation
- Status bar: rename carrier, wifi network as carrier name, hide carrier, hide all status bar items
- Spotlight search: disable search bar on home screen and/or lock screen's today view
- Today View: hide widget edit button, hide widget background and remove weather and stocks footer's info from today view.

Experimental feature: mini media control on lock screen (tested on iPhone X only; may lead to undesirable layout on other phone resolutions)

Configure options from Settings


Wifi network as carrier name, hide widget background and some under the hood code optimizations.
Updated February 21, 2020
License Free Package
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