Requires iOS 5 and iPhone4S

Give The gift of Siri to other devices, AssistantConnect4S allows iPhone 4S owners to email their authentication data to their non-iPhone 4S devices via email. Files sent via AssistantConnect4S allow the receiver to use Siri natively without the need of depending on a Proxy server to handle requests. It is recommended that you do not send your authentication data to more than 5 people. AssistantConnect4S ONLY SUPPORTS THE USE OF SPIRE ON NON-4S Devices. Non-4S devices please install AssistantConnect

Open AssistantConnect4S, Activate Siri, Email Data (up to 5 people at most is recommended), everyone is happy.

Initial Usage (the first dump):
1. After Installation, Open AssistantConnect4S and Reboot your iPhone 4S.
2. After the Reboot, reopen AssistantConnect4S and activate Siri (you can say anything you want).
3. Press the button in AssistantConnect4S and email it to your friends with AssistantConnect Installed.
NOTE: This is only necessary for the first dump, after that simply activating Siri before emailing will package your data. Failure to do this will result in you emailing an empty file which is of no use.


Updated February 15, 2012
License Free Package
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