Requires iOS 5 & Siri capability

A plug-in architecture allowing developers to extend Siri functionality (commands and GUI snippets). Several commands and snippets are built-in, including a chat bot for talking to Siri about anything you like.

See the AE website for more info and instructions on how to build your own Siri tweaks easily! You can use Xcode or makefile, no linking with Apple private frameworks or any non-standard libraries needed.

And it's free!

Comes with a few examples;
- say 'search siri on youtube' for video search results

- say 'let's chat' for more chatty Siri

Developers need to get involved to make more plugins.

There are no options to configure.

See the Screenshots below

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- SiriServer/unofficial siri servers compatibility fix
- Ability to set Japanese in Siri settings
- raw client-server server-client object processing in extensions
- brightness level is permanent
- power commands: reboot, power off/power down/shutdown
- new command: "close/kill all applications" to terminate all apps and remove them from multitasking bar
- dismiss keyboard when lockscreen unlocked (otherwise keyboard won't dismiss when in tweet dialog)
- "initiate conversation" alternative to "let's chat"
- Chatbot is now less religious :P
- Dev: location data for extensions, assistantDismissed
- separate prefbundle for each AE extension
- ability to enable/disable extensions
- redesigned pref bundle
- extensions can add entries to Siri's guide of things you can say
- Info.plist in extensions used for metadata and AE version requirements
- AEX (AssistantExtensions Expression) pattern matching
- Loading AEX patterns from Patterns.plist file
- localization support
- AIML can use $PAUSE100$, $PAUSE450$, $PAUSE600$,$PAUSE1500$, $PAUSE2000$ placeholders to pause speech
- Customizer - built-in extension for customized text responses
- Standard - extension with most of standard commands which were built in the core previously
- ChatBot separated to the new extension
- Toggles separated to the new extension
- ability to enter recognized speech manually (mainly for developers) and a button to close Siri
- dismiss command to dismiss/close Siri
- Localization support for standard commands, chatbot and toggles
- German translation of standard commands, chatbot and toggles
Updated April 15, 2012
License Free Package
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