Supports iOS 6 and 7

Bringing back true multitasking on your iDevice,

Background Manager allows the user to enable backgrounding for true multitasking on iOS.

The default iOS multitasking works by suspending the process in the memory. However with the Background Manager, you can choose to run any app on the background as if it was running on foreground.

* Please note that this is NOT Backgrounder, the codes are written from scratch to bring Backgrounder-like functions to iOS 6.x.

Configure options from Settings.

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fix incoming facetime audio interface issue
remove Fast app switch option in Global
- it will be always TRUE
some minor updates

fix incoming call interface issue
fix forced app's state saving issue
fix issues about badge
fix minor issues

add 'current state' VoiceOver
- app activating
- background mode toggle

improve stability for app quitting and app state saving
- fix some forced app's crash when the app is quitting
- fix some forced app's state saving issue
- fix state saving issue when respring, reboot, power down

fix double SMS push notification issue
fix small issues about badge
fix compatibility with iOS 6 (v1.0-4)

add new style badge (iOS 7 only)
- thx @creaturess

add options for statusbar icon
add Simplified Chinese locale
reduce blinks when device unlock
fix minor issues

Updated August 27, 2014
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