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So glyphs themes are great for showing off wallpapers or minimalist setups. Unfortunately, none of them ever seem to theme all of your icons and you end up with 5-10 that are themed with another theme and they stick out in your setup and just look ugly. I made this glyphs theme because I had this problem (especially with games), so I made this theme. I listed Anemone as a dependency because I intend to add a mask in the future, and because everyone uses Anemone now anyways.

I am very fast with icon requests. I have a request form at here where I take requests. When you request an icon, I get an email. Ill check my email and make the icon.

I also wanted to have extremely fast updates. To do this without spamming the repo owners with updates, I have a package called BetterGlyphs Preview on my repo, where I post requested icons as soon as I finish them. When I feel I have enough icons in the Preview version, Ill submit an update here.

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Adds icons for LastPass, ReProvision, Alarmy, the “unc0ver” jailbreak utility, bitmoji, Apple TestFlight
Updated December 18, 2018
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