Compatible with iOS 13 - 14

Select content in your chat, content in browser, content in edit, use BigBangEv menu to bang all words to pieces, then take what you want to copy.
There is video tutorial that you can learn how to use.



* 增加 相机应用 照片应用中显示BigBang按钮的开关 [第三方调用]
* 修复相机应用内BigBang效果为取影区域文字提取
* 为相机应用 照片应用内的BigBang按钮增加震动及呼吸球效果
* 为iOS14设备增加本地神经网络文字识别功能 支持中文 英语 葡萄牙语 德语 法语 意大利语[文字识别]
* 为Snapper2文字识别功能替换触发后动作增加选项[文字识别]

* Add switch to show BigBang button in camera app photo app [3rd party call]
* Fix BigBang effect in camera app for text extraction in shadow pickup area
* Add vibration and breathing ball effect to BigBang button in Camera app Photo app
* Add local neural network text recognition for iOS14 devices Support Chinese English Portuguese German French Italian [text recognition]
* Add option for Snapper2 text recognition function to replace post-trigger action [Text Recognition]

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Updated June 26, 2021
License Free Package
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