Compatible with iOS 13 - 14

Select content in your chat, content in browser, content in edit, use BigBangEv menu to bang all words to pieces, then take what you want to copy.
There is video tutorial that you can learn how to use.



* 支持多开版微信
* 恢复替换Snapper2的文字识别的功能
* 优化BigBang的窗口级别,修复BigBang显示中锁屏后无法输入密码的问题
* 关闭文字标签爆炸的功能(减少用户认为的屏幕断触问题)
* 修复横屏时系统触发手势的问题
* 修复CopyLog支持功能,默认值不正确的问题
* 照片应用中增加BigBang按钮
* 相机应用中增加BigBang按钮
* 更换关闭按钮为图片,可以自行替换来统一风格

* Support multi-opening version of WeChat
* Restore the function of replacing the text recognition of Snapper2
* Optimize the window level of BigBang, fix the problem of not being able to enter password after locking the screen in BigBang display
* Turn off the function of text label explosion (to reduce the problem of broken touch on the screen as perceived by users)
* Fix the problem of system triggered gestures when landscape screen
* Fix the problem that the default value is incorrect for CopyLog support function
* Add BigBang button in photo app
* Add BigBang button in camera app
* Replace the close button with a picture, you can replace it by yourself to unify the style
Updated June 20, 2021
License Free Package
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