Compatible with iOS 12 and 13

(Also available from BigBoss: BioProtect (iOS 7 to 11))

BioProtect XS

Price: $2.99

Protect your apps with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode!

- Add stylish protection to your applications and many other protectable items and prevent opening them unless you authenticate using your Face ID or Touch ID! (or enter a passcode, in devices that don't support Touch ID)

- The most secure and yet fastest way to protect your applications, presented with a very cool UI.

- Touch ID needs less than a second to verify a correctly added fingerprint!

- Face ID needs even less!

The tweak listens to application launch events or other protected items events and blocks them if they are listed as protected until you enter your Touch ID (or passcode)!

You can configure it to protect access to applications, folders, settings panes, flipswitches, control center items, power down, SIM unlock and more!

You can set a passcode as an alternative protection method (or as the only method in devices without TouchID sensor). The passcode is different than your device's passcode! (or you could use the same)

Enjoy the fastest and yet most secure protection!

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- Fixes an issue where power off protection wouldn't allow to power down the device using biometric authentication.

- Addresses an issue that might cause an overall device lag.

- Fixes an issue with authentication tokens not being reset after locking the device biometrics using the 5-times lock button or volume and lock button sequence.
- Fixes an issue where Photos tab was protected inside even when on a Trusted WiFi Network
Updated May 10, 2020
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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