Not compatible with iOS 5

Check requirements before installing!

Bootlace is an OpeniBoot installation and configuration tool. OpeniBoot can be installed to compatible devices by flashing the NOR directly from the device.

iDroid can also be installed and upgraded using this tool.


  • Installation and configuration of OpeniBoot
  • Installation and removal of iDroid
  • Upgrading of iDroid and OpeniBoot
  • QuickBoot directly into other OSes
  • OpeniBoot configuration
  • NVRAM backup and restore


Device requirement:
- iPhone 2G
- iPhone 3G
- iPod Touch 1G

Firmware requirement:
- iOS 3.1.2 through 4.2.1

Jailbreak requirement:
- PwnageTool
- Redsn0w
- Blackra1n

Please note that userland jailbreaks such as Spirit and Star ( v2) are not supported. If your device does not meet the requirements above Bootlace will NOT function.

Project Homepage:

See More Info below for Screenshots

More Information

    v 2.1.6
  • Fixed PwnageTool 4.2 issues
    v 2.1.5
  • New installs will no longer be affected by old/restored user defaults as kernel will be checked on launch
  • Fixed multitouch firmware dumping for some affected users
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Updated January 16, 2012
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