CallBar XS for all iOS 12 and 13 devices!

CallBar XS

Price: $3.99

(50% discount for CallBar X owners)

Also available: CallBar X for iOS 11

The so-anticipated tweak is now available on iOS 12!

- Complete call handling for Telephony and FaceTime audio calls, along with all other CallKit calls including Viber, WhatsApp, Skype etc, completely new UI, easier to access with instant dismissal with just a left swipe and a whole new and complete dialer interface.

- CallBar re-designs the incoming call view to allow you to use your device while it's ringing or while in a call. Answer, decline or dismiss a call with ease without stopping what you're doing. You can pick up a call and stay where you are while in any application. Even place calls from anywhere by activating the dialer interface with an activation method of your choice.

- Movable view, you can re-position CallBar at the bottom or top of the screen live while in a call.

- Dismiss-able. You can swipe left or top on CallBar to dismiss it, and bring it back at any time by tapping the status bar.

- Top/Bottom appearance option. Choose where CallBar appears from.

- Option to have different styles at lock screen and home screen.

- NEW!!! Color theming! Choose your own background color, glass effect and opacity for CallBar.

- NEW!!! 10 different styles to customise appearance. Light Glass, Dark Glass, Solid Black or White, curved, Concept X , an iPhone X-like style that's been requested a lot so far and the latest concept, Concept 13, a new Call UI that I promised to add.

- Supports all iPhones on iOS 12.
- If you owned CallBar X, your older license will be automatically detected and a 50% discount will be applied.

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- Fixes UI appearance in different application orientations.
- Adds Audio Meter effects in FaceTime calls.
- Several UI fixes.

- Adds German localisation.
- Fixes an issue where you are unable to lock the phone while in a call after taking a screenshot.

- Fixes an issue where screen would dim while in a video call at lockscreen.

- Added Remote Screen Sharing over FaceTime feature.
- Added "Reply with message" button in Concept 13 style.
- Added option to choose from 6 different glass thicknesses for glass themes.
- Added Greek localisation.
- Added Arabic localisation.
- Fixes VOIP applications popping-up when call is answered from CallBar.
- Fixes a custom background color setting issue.
- Fixes A shutdown/SOS screen background issue.
- Fixes video cropping when on FaceTime Video with a Mac.
- Fixes FaceTime Video selfie camera preview stretching when call got connected.
- Fixes audio source icon not getting highlighted when selected.
- Fixes animation glitches when dismissing.
- Fixes cases where CallBar is disabled at lock screen or for outgoing calls or for video calls and a dismissed call resumes.
- Fixes activator action not dismissing CallBar.
- Fixes screenshots for all devices.
- Fixes Group FaceTime video calls not being dismiss-able.
- Fixes a crash issue with InCallService.
- Fixes ghost App Switcher page appearing after ending a call.
- Fixes missing green StatusBar issue encountered by some users.
- Fixes FaceTime selfie camera being stretched.
- Fixes Screen Sharing aspect ratio to and from all devices.
- Adds option for Smart CallBar Positioning.
- Adds FloatyDock window in Screen Sharing.
- Adds option to allow idle dimming while in a call.
- Fixes several other UI issues.
- Fixed FaceTime Video calls showing "connecting" after resuming instead of video resuming normally.
- Fixed FaceTime Video calls not resuming after switching to / from stock UI.
- Fixed FaceTime Video calls not showing green status bar after being dismissed, being unable to resume the call.
- Fixed overall FaceTime Video CallBar UI experience with correct video placement, expansion and rotation.
- Fixed CallBar not showing green status bar randomly, being unable to resume the call.
- Fixed inability to take screenshots during a call. Hold down volume-up button first, then press lock button to take a screenshot.
- Fixed games and other applications hanging when CallBar UI appears.
- Fixed CallBar not staying dismissed while an incoming call exists.
- Fixed CallBar causing WhatsApp to exit while in call.
- Fixed CallBar not allowing to transfer a call from Apple Watch to iPhone.
- Fixed SIM card source label not appearing when having eSIM installed.
- Fixed CallBar's Dialer UI appearing instead of actual in-call UI.
- Fixed speaker icon being completely white in specific color themes.
- Fixed CallBar's keyboard appearing and disappearing rapidly.
- Fixed CallBar's Dialer's tap-to-show-recent not working.
- Fixed swiping left on CallBar to dismiss not easily working. (Now you can only swipe left to dismiss or use the activation methods as well).
- Fixed CallBar to stock UI and vice versa glitches.
- Fixed numerous appearance and UI glitches.
Updated May 9, 2020
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