Requires iOS 4.0+

CameraButtons gives you complete touch-free control of your iOS camera app.

You can set the volume up button, volume down button, and shake action to any of the following functions:
Take Photo:
Switches to photo mode if not already in photo mode and takes a picture.

Take Video:
Switches to video mode if not already in video mode and begins recording.

Take Photo/Video:
Snaps a photo or starts video recording depending on which mode the camera is currently in.

Toggle Flash:
Switches Flash between Off, Auto, and On modes for compatible devices.

Toggle HDR:
Switches HDR mode On and Off for compatible devices.

Toggle Camera:
Switches between the front and back cameras for compatible devices.

CameraButtons also has a Lockscreen Launch function which lets you open the Camera app straight from your Lockscreen by holding down the Volume Up or Volume Down button.

****CameraButtons does not add an icon to your Springboard. You need to open the Settings app and enable it from the CameraButtons preference menu.****

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More Information

    • v 1.3-2
    • Package installation script fixed (no new changes)
Updated January 29, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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