Compatible with iOS 13

Introducing Cartella

Bolders for iOS 13 and WAY more!

We all remember Bolders, that awesome tweak that broke on iOS 13, which had made all of our folders look so good! Now, introducing Cartella, Italian for folder. Take control over the tiny details of your folders, and make them look BEAUTIFUL!!!


Cartella is (mostly) dynamic, so you won't need to respring to apply most options!

Features List:

Custom folder rows
Custom folder columns
Hide folder icon blur
Hide folder background
Pinch the folders in vertically (custom height)
Pinch them in sideways (side pinch factor)
Full Screen Folders (like Bolders)
Hide the pages and dock in folders
Hide the blur on the wallpaper in folders (I recommend you turn on hide the pages and dock in folders as well for this option)
OLED folders (pure black background)
Bold Titles (like Bolders)
Choose the size of the folder title (Hidden, Large, Regular)
Align the title to the left, center, or right!
Close folders by options of tap to close and pinch to close (or both)
Resize the Grid preview of the folder icon
Hide all SpringBoard labels
Hide all SpringBoard page dots
Custom colors of folder icon background
Custom color of folder view background
Move page dots as you wish

Configure options from Settings.


-At this time, Cartella is now deprecated. Cartella is replaced with a new, much more feature-rich and less buggy tweak called Folded. It is available on Packix for FREE!
Updated April 4, 2020
License Free Package
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