Requires iOS 7

A simple CCToggle tweak,it fakes your battery percentage while the toggle is ON,percentage are randomly generated between 10% - 20%!

- CCToggle tweak are requied
- After installing,Go preferences -> CCToggle -> Toggles -> DISABLED TOGLLES -> Fake Low Battery,and drag it to ENABLED TOGGLES!


- Fully support arm64 device, Preferences for arm64 device can work normally now.

- Fix battery default percent diplay error (0%) issue.

Fell free to contact
if there are any issues/suggestions!

- Custom percent available! Go "Settings -> CCFakeLowBattery" to check out
- Performance improve.
- Bugs fix

- Fixes battery indicator issue (percentage not displaying normally)
- Fixes charging state while switching on/off

Updated February 9, 2014
License Free Package
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