Compatible with iOS 11 to 14

CCSupport adds the ability for other developers to add their own modules to the Control Center.
It does so in a safe way to ensure that the Control Center does not get messed up when the tweak is not loaded.

It also serves as a standalone tweak, because it unlocks the otherwise fixed modules to be moved in settings.
This includes the connectivity module, the media controls module, the brightness and volume slider modules and the AirPlay module.
Icons and names for these modules have been recreated, to ensure a stock look.

There also is a feature to reset the module layout for both configurations (tweak loaded, tweak not loaded).
The button to do that can be found at the bottom of the Control Center settings page.

Open source on Github


Refine version checks to fix a safe mode crash on some iOS 14.0 betas

• Add Home Controls module to replace stock Home Controls on iOS 14, can be resized and placed anywhere
• Rewrote custom sizing code to fix some issues on iOS 14.3 and above
• Fix an issue where long press menus wouldn't work for modules provided by module providers

• Fix module providers getting reinitialized when they should only get reloaded
• Remove Xcode 12 arm64e slice because it turned out to not be needed to support iOS 14 arm64e
Updated April 15, 2021
License Free Package
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