This app is inspired by MacOS version AlDente, used to prevent iPhone/iPad long-time overcharge, which will cause damage to the battery, one can specify the max capacity to stop charging, and min capacity to start charging, and max temparature to stop charging. Once set, the daemon will monitor capacity in background.


TrollStore version also in my Github

Configure using ChargeLimiter app.


* DisableInflow mode added
* Optimization for iPhone8+, SmartBattery, PredictiveInhibitCharge
* Floating window auto hide
* Battery history statistics
* Scheme and HTTP API added to support Shortcuts

* 支持禁流模式以兼容少数不支持停充的电池
* 对iPhone8及以上型号重新优化,支持智能停充,支持Smart模式
* 悬浮窗自动隐藏
* 增加电池历史数据统计
* 增加scheme和http接口,可和快捷方式搭配使用
Updated April 1, 2024
License Free Package
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