This app is inspired by MacOS version AlDente, used to prevent iPhone/iPad long-time overcharge, which will cause damage to the battery, one can specify the max capacity to stop charging, and min capacity to start charging, and max temparature to stop charging. Once set, the daemon will monitor capacity in background.


TrollStore version also in my Github

Configure using ChargeLimiter app.


1.6 ChangeLog:
* Amperage limit mode added for batteries with poor capability of amperage management during charging, to limit high temperature.
* Thermal simulation(namely Powercuff) and peak power performance management available.
* 5Minute chart added, charging status and time shifting available.
* Optimize App UI

* 增加温度模拟(即Powercuff)及峰值性能状态管理功能
* 增加限流功能以兼容某些控流能力差的电池,避免充电温度过高
* 增加5分钟图,增加时移功能,增加显示充电状态
* 优化界面
Updated April 30, 2024
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