Not compatible with iOS 5

The best QuickReply implementation on the market! Allows you to reply to an SMS/MMS from /anywhere/ with an awesome interface

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More Information

    v 1.6.4
  • iOS4 bug fix
  • Fixed keyboard not responding bug created by 1.6.3
    v 1.6.3
  • iOS4 bug fixes
  • Fixed issue with textbox not being selected on quickreply start
  • Fixed keyboard issues (wrong type, not there, not responding)
  • Fixed no sound on homescreen for alert
  • Fixed alert localization for button titles
  • Fixed multiple alerts for same contact vs correct behavior of going into proper QR window
  • 3.x memory slow down fixed
  • Library is properly loaded now so less slowdown/random bad behavior
Updated January 16, 2012
License Free Package
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