Requires iOS 5 or higher
Not compatible with iPad

Missing the cool animated Clock icon on your SpringBoard, always displaying the current time ? Clockify is an awesome tweak which brings this feature to iOS 5 (with all the customization options you will ever want), but it's not limited to that !
It also spices up your Lockscreen and Notification Center with a nice analog World Clock displaying all the cities you have configured inside the Clock app.

To use the Notification Center plugin you will have to enable NCClockify from the Settings app, under the "Notifications" section. Dashboard X is also supported.

Check out the awesome
ayecon theme for Clockify

ConīŦgure from Settings app.

Check the short video preview by Jeff Benjamin to see it in action !

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-Fixed lockscreen layout issues.
-Added option to force disable Torch tweak for compatibility and debugging purposes. (Hopefully Torch will be updated soon.)
-Added option for displaying "Local Time" instead of city name for the default timezone
-Fixed crashes happening after dismissing various alert views

-Added compatibility with Forecast (tap with two fingers to toggle between them).
-Fixed some crashes and conflicts with other tweaks.
-Minimized battery drain.
-Fixed icon layout issues.
-Added many awesome customization options for the Lockscreen and the Notification Center plugin, like date formatting, display styles and much more

Updated July 21, 2012
License Commercial Package
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