Compatible with iOS 7 to 12.2

How many times you have sent a message by mistake and wasted your units ?
How many times you have sent an email by mistake or a voice record in whatsapp which you didn't mean to ? or called someone by mistake ect.....
Confirm2Proceed2 fixes that for you!
The tweak costs 1$ you can pay via paypal from the tweaks settings in order to activate your license :)
Phone and messages when you call you get the option to either prompt you before you call with an alert or requires your fingerprint (Face ID) in order to authenticate you can input a password in preference panel in case your fingerprint fails or something.

Whatsapp prompts you before you send a voice recording so you don't send it by mistake and the call + video call buttons work the same way as phone and messages app either with faceid or touch or password (so is the recents tab in whatsapp)

Instagram posts it prompts you to confirm in case you double tap by accident so you don't get caught ;) (looking at you stalkers :p )

Twitter and facebook work the same way as instagram.


Added Safe List feature :

You won't be asked for confirmation or FaceID, TouchID if you text or call safe listed contacts
Updated July 31, 2019
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1
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