Wow, we know the complicated information with too many details is not right for you who increasingly pursue ease and simplicity.

An interesting question: what exactly is iPhone?
-Communication tool? The thing you pat your lover on the shoulder with? The mass to occupy your pocket?

Or, when it can display picture, name it pic taker; also, when the picture can be used as desktop wallpaper, you can call it your icon - your mood icon.

So, what's your mood now?
-One horse is followed by 32-35 others (male and female)...
-A mountain with trees, stones and clouds and...

Well, your mood is actually composed of simple lines and colors;
-Let's Go!
Choose, express, touch, and enjoy it...

She is waiting for you!

See More Info below for screenshots

More Information

    v 1.1
  • Updated UI
Updated June 21, 2010
License Free Package
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