Provides a digital percentage in the StatusBar for all notched devices (like the good old days).

To use this tweak simply install it, it is enabled by default.
Navigate to the Settings app and look for DigitalBattery13Lite, tap to open and choose the settings you wish to personalise.

Current settings:
-Enable (tweak on/off)
-Font options (because not all devices are alike)
-Color options (check out the charging override)
-Extras (useful options fitting for this tweak)

Important information
You must respring after changing any or all settings for changes to take effect.
DigitalBattery13Lite is optimised for iOS13, it will not install on older versions.
There is no support for ModernStatusBar tweaks in this tweak.

mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader

Special thanks: discord testers

Developer notes
This is the Lite version of DigitalBattery13 containing fewer options.
It's the original dream come true, with simple and effective options, so please direct feature requests at the full version.
Recommended settings: change your font settings to suit your device/needs, enable all color toggles and in Extras I have all enabled except Sound.
It will only show on the StatusBar and nowhere else.
Want more options? Use DigitalBattery13

Source code available on Github


Attempt fix sync (new charge level method)
Adds support for Smart Battery Case
Updated August 1, 2020
License Free Package
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