Compatible with iOS 11 to 13

DigitalNotchedBattery provides a digital percentage of battery remaining in the StatusBar for all notched devices.

If you upgraded to a notched device and like me the first thing you did was go to the battery settings to turn on battery percentage only to be awestruck that the option wasn't there then this tweak is your dream come true.

Unlike similar tweaks DigitalNotchedBattery is battery friendly, easy to read, won't cause random respring loops, acts like it’s supposed to without glicheing and has great options to configure to your personal needs.

To use this tweak simply install it, it is enabled by default.
Navigate to the Settings app and look for DigitalNotchedBattery, tap to open and choose the settings you wish to personalise.
Current options are: Font options, Color options, Hide control centre StatusBar, Enable and respring.

You must respring after changing any or all settings for changes to take effect.

Supports all notched iPhones that can be jailbroken as of this release from iOS 11 to and including iOS 13, and non notched devices with the aid of a ModernStatusBar tweak.

Please enjoy this release as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Special thanks to pegasusat (tester), CloneVince (tester), jailbreak365 (cc bug fix) and Blake Boxberger (base structure from his open source tweak)

Configure options from Settings.


includes libcolorpicker to replace manual HEX code for colors

Removed color sliders for HEX code textfields
Added volt bolt to replace % sign when charging (won't see with alwayshide percent sign enabled)
Added new Apples Method (stock) and altered existing methods to always show numbers and remove bolt
Changed hiideCCstatusbar to ignore tweaks enabled toggle so it can be used independently
Updated January 21, 2020
License Free Package
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