This software requires registration. To use this service, you must register at There is a free 30-day trial, then a annual subscription based on the services selected.

DiskAgent is an online mobile smartphone security and monitoring service that allows you to remotely destroy/wipe your phone, force it to ring (even if set to vibrate), lock the screen, track and map the phone's location at regular intervals, and trap both incoming and outgoing SMS traffic to our servers for review or audit. You are only charged for services once you enable them. The protection that DiskAgent offers is critical when your phone is lost or stolen. Smartphones carry an ever increasing amount of confidential and private information that in the wrong hands could serve to harm you and your customers/friends. Protect yourself and clients by installing and registering DiskAgent today!

DiskAgent runs on your iPhone as a background service. There is no app or icon for this offering. Use the More Info link to view screenshots for the Disk Agent web interface.

More Information

    v 1.4.3
  • Enabled support for pre-4.x clients
    v 1.4.2
  • fixed registration issues on pre iOS 4.2
    v 1.4.1
  • bug fixes - prior release had a self-signing issue
Updated March 7, 2011
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
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