Dock Controller
- Control Your Dock

- iOS 12 and above

- Choose Dock Type (Default, Disabled, Square, Rounded, iPad)
- Dock Background (enabled, disabled)
- Allow more icons in Dock (8 for iPad Dock 5 for rest of them)
- iPad Dock Type options:
- - Maximum number of Recent applications (0 - 3)
- - Dock Divider (enabled, disabled)
- - Show in App Switcher (enabled, disabled)
- - Gesture to show Dock in apps
- - Springboard icons layout helpers (disabled, static, dynamic) for Portrait and Landscape orientations

Configure options from Settings.

- Brian for HomeDockX recents
- Kritanta for macros from stratosphere pull request - it's better to DRY

This tweak is open sourced on Github


- updated code for springboard layout helpers (user can now set specific bottom height for springboard icons)
- fixed issue in rounded dock where visual glitch could be visible
- probably fixed iPad settings view on incompatible fork of PreferenceLoader
Updated March 10, 2021
License Free Package
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