Dock Controller
- Control Your Dock

- iOS 12 and above

- Choose Dock Type (Default, Disabled, Square, Rounded, iPad)
- Dock Background (enabled, disabled)
- Allow more icons in Dock (8 for iPad Dock 5 for rest of them)
- iPad Dock Type options:
- - Maximum number of Recent applications (0 - 3)
- - Dock Divider (enabled, disabled)
- - Show in App Switcher (enabled, disabled)
- - Gesture to show Dock in apps
- - Springboard icons layout helpers (disabled, static, dynamic) for Portrait and Landscape orientations

Configure options from Settings.

- Brian for HomeDockX recents
- Kritanta for macros from stratosphere pull request - it's better to DRY

This tweak is open sourced on Github


code refactoring
enabled "Allow more icons in Dock" on iOS 14
fixed springboard layout when dock is disabled on iOS 14
fixed springboard layout (was too low) in landscape for square & rounded docks on iOS 14
fixed bug when device uses Grid App Switcher, "Show in App Switcher" is disabled and user closes last app or tries to open empty switcher
fixed bug with number of recents in iPad dock (thanks to HomeDockX source code)
added support for iOS 12
Updated January 22, 2021
License Free Package
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