Supports iOS 13 - 14 including all devices.

Eraser is the best tweak to clean up your app/grid switcher just by one step. Two ways to erase them and you can prevent media/navigation applications too. Also your favorite applications can excluded it from erasing process!

You have four button styles to detect what the most stylish for you. Also you can change the color of the button with three modes. A confirm button you will like it too.

With eraser you can customize the text of button for what text you loved.

It's a beautiful added after erse all applications. Comes with three modes and you can control of the blur amount.

If you don't like the main position or if you have a small screen device might you faced an issues with the position. But don't worry with positioning section you have control at the both placement.

Other Features
There's more features like 'Swipe Down' in the tweak explore it by your self & enjoy!

Supports iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 - 14.5.

Configure options from settings.


• Added confirm alert for swipe feature.
• Increase the buttons size.
• Increase the limit of horizontal position at the top, now you can move the button to the left side.
• Fixed an issue with the confirm button display.
Updated June 10, 2021
License Free Package
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