Bypass Exchange's Password!

Remember Exchange Unlock 7? Me too, it was AWESOME! Well, this is my feeble attempt at replicating it...
For those clueless about EU7, it let Exchange users bypass the 'mandatory' Passcode that was forced upon us. TouchID made the sting a bit better but it wasn't a cure all.

ExchangePass9 gives you three features:
1. After a Respring: Enter Passcode ONCE to enable the tweak
2. Disable Passcode (even after a Respring)
3. Wake directly to the Springboard; No Lockscreen view
**Rebooting always requires the Passcode**

NOTE: ExchangePass9 disables TouchID on the Lockscreen. I have an Activator solution included in the Settings.

Configure options from Settings.


Updated December 2, 2015
License Free Package
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